Table of Lab Assignments

Use this link to access the Math-110 Spring 2023 Desmos class, which houses the labs for this class. Note that labs are completed in class using a laptop/tablet/smartphone; a laptop with a keyboard and larger screen is preferred. Please don't start the labs early as they are intended to be completed together with the whole class. Those with an excused absence that has been disclosed in advance may complete this lab remotely.

NumberClass DateTitle
11/17PreCalc Review
21/24Limits and Continuity
32/3Derivative and Tangent Line
42/10Derivative Rules
52/20Related Rates Problems
63/3Optimization Problems
73/20Business Applications and Curve Sketching
83/27Exponential and Logarithmic Derivatives
94/7Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and Area between Curves
104/19Improper Integrals